Why do women donate their eggs?

It’s a question that gets asked all the time – why would women donate their eggs

Are they giving away their babies?

Are they selling their  eggs for the money? At Nurture, we’ve heard it all, and we’re here to say: Every woman is different and may have different motivation.

So here are a few of the most common reasons.


They need the money

Firstly, our donors are compensated £750 for their time and effort. They’re not ‘selling’ their eggs. And yes, the money does entice some donors to apply to Nurture UK. But egg donation is no quick easy money – it’s hard work and a lot of commitment, and involves an intense screening process. Very often we find that women who are initially attracted by the idea of some extra money quickly find that it doesn’t matter as much as helping someone to fulfill their dream. It’s so much more valuable than the money!


They know someone who has struggled with infertility…

A personal connection to someone who has struggled with infertility is another motivator for donors.


… Or know single people or same-sex couples who want a baby

Unlike some places around the world, in the UK it is legal to donate your eggs to gay couples and single parents!


They genuinely want to make a difference

This is made all the more incredible by the fact that our donations are anonymous. Donors sign up because they want to make a difference in another person’s life by helping them to build their family.


They are innately compassionate people

Simply put – they care. They’re willing to undergo a pretty intense process to help a total stranger – one that they often end up forming a bond with, even though they never meet. They know how important this is to the recipient, and are invested in seeing this succeed.

Often, it’s a combination of some or all of the above.

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