Mel – Recipient Support


Meet Melany, the other half of the dynamic duo who started Nurture way back when.  Melany’s energy, passion and complete belief in the Nurture mission to provide hope to families who long for a child is a driving force in the Nurture team and her infectious laughter and quirky sense of humour helps keep the team grounded.



Describe in 10 words or less what you do at Nurture. 

I lead the development of the long and short term goals of Nurture.

What does a typical day at Nurture look like for you? 

Emails, phone calls, relationship building, problem solving, guiding and communicating with the team and clients.


What has been the highlight of your Nurture career?

Too many to pick one!  Our first pregnancy / our first babies born / our 10th birthday!

What was your day job before Nurture?

 Managing a floating restaurant!


What is family to you?

Quality time spent with loved ones – laughing and snuggling!


What does a typical day in your household look like?

Organized chaos.  Monica (housekeeper) is my hero.

What would you like every donor to know?

Donating is one of the most powerful things you will ever do in your life.


If you could know the absolute truth about something, what would it be?

Why do babies/children die?

What do you do when you’re  not working at Nurture?

Volunteer for husky rescue, play tennis, spend time with friends/family.


Describe your ideal picnic basket 

Champagne and chocolate

What is the best advice you ever received?

Sometimes there isn’t a reason why

Describe what the first 11 years of working at Nurture has been like?

A crazy exhilarating roller coaster ride filled with extreme highs and lows.


Nurture has just turned 11, what do you see the next 11 years bringing?

A lot more positives and babies!  Consistent growth of our business – locally and internationally.