Donor Testimonials

I wouldn’t think twice to do it again!

What can I say about Nurture other then what a wonderful group of people! Right from the start they were amazing. I signed up but wasn’t fully sure of what the process was, I got a phone call explaining the whole thing to me. I wasn’t pressured into anything at any point, they were just lovely!! I’m so so happy that I found Nurture to donate my eggs through as the love and understanding they show their clients is just amazing. I was asked if I would like to donate again and I can honestly say that I don’t even have to think twice. The answer is yes!

Donor D

You are very informative.

Thank you, I am feeling very informed, and happy with everything. You are very informative.
Romy (Donor)

I understand life so much more!

The process of the donation was fun for me because I got to experience what it’s like to start a pregnancy even though I was not pregnant and how I feel now is amazing because I know that out there somewhere I have helped a couple make their own little baby and it’s amazing to think how much you can grow through a process and meeting wonderful people like Kirsty, Lee and all the other hard working doctors.  I know I’m only 20 but this experience has made me feel like I understand life so much more.

Donor T

I haven’t stopped smiling since I woke up from the op!

“It was such a positive experience for me, I haven’t stopped smiling since I woke from the op. I didn’t realise quite how amazing it would feel to do this for someone until then. The recipient parents left a lovely gift for me, it was so sweet.
I’d definitely like to think about doing it again!”

Donor H

Always been a wonderful experience!

I decided to work with Nurture after my sister donated her eggs through them and spoke very highly of everyone in the company.

I have donated a few times and always with Nurture as I find they are very caring, patient and my experiences are always wonderful.

Donor M

I felt supported throughout.

Donating with Nurture was a great experience, I felt supported throughout and the whole team were very accommodating. The process of donation was stress free which I believe was down to the supportive and friendly team at nurture. I felt valued as a donor and if I ever decide to donate again I would not hesitate to do it through Nurture. 😊

Donor C


I chose to donate my eggs as I love helping people.

I chose to work with Nurture while still living in Cape Town, but in the end, donated in the UK after I moved. I chose to donate my eggs as I love helping people. I’m a blood donor, an organ donor, blood cell cancer donor and on I try to do everything I can as I know that I can help benefit other people’s lives in this way. I chose to donate my eggs as my best friend, aswell as my god mother is infertile and even though I wouldn’t directly be helping them I would be able to give other people a gift that ..everyone wants, but not everyone is able to have. And I think everyone deserves the chance to be a mother and a father. It really was a wonderful experience. The nurses at the Portland clinic were amazing! The operation went really smoothly and I felt completely comfortable the whole time! It’s a really really eye opening experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid of needles and knows they want to make a difference in other people’s lives!

Donor K



I had such a wonderful experience.

I had such a wonderful experience with my donation last time that I would very much like to do it again. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to hearing from you/CRGH very soon!

Donor S