Egg Donor Criteria



  • Female aged between 18 and 35 years old
  • A ‘normal’ healthy weight i.e a BMI of between 18 and 29 (height and weight are proportionate)  To calculate your BMI click here
  • Be free of any serious medical problems and not have any history of genetically transmittable diseases
  • Be free of drug use or alcohol addiction
  • Have a healthy, regular menstrual cycle (unless you  have a Mirena coil – we understand this can affect your cycle which is acceptable)
  • Have a flexible schedule and be able to attend approximately 6 medical appointments over a 2/3 month period
  • Be willing to provide a detailed medical history regarding yourself and immediate family
  • Be willing to self administer daily medication injections for +- 10 days during the actual donation period (or have someone who is willing to assist you)
  • Be willing to undergo a light anaesthetic for the egg retrieval
  • Be 100% committed to helping the intended parents create the family they’ve struggled for
  • Must follow the Doctor’s, IVF co-ordinators and Nurture UK representative’s instructions diligently
  • Be reliable, responsible and communicative
  • Have readily access to a working email address
  • Be ready to help fulfill dreams and change lives forever!!