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Having been through over 40 IVF’s of our own, we know that infertility can be such a lonely journey which is why we’re delighted to share these amazing stories from families who were in a similar situation to you before they worked with Nurture UK.

We really hope these stories inspire you, strengthen you and give you the courage to keep going as we work together to fulfill your dream of having a child!

I am so grateful to have found Nurture UK.

I could not recommend Nurture UK and, in particular, Gabby, highly enough.

Taking the first step in finding and using an egg donor is daunting and overwhelming. I am so grateful to have found Nurture UK and have had Gabby take every step with me through my rollercoaster egg donor journey.

From my initial contact with Nurture UK, Gabby was kind, understanding, honest and patient in answering all my questions and providing me clear and comprehensive information about using the agency, finding a donor and the egg donor process. This made me feel confident in registering with and using Nurture UK.

Many egg donation agencies only work with certain clinics. However, although Nurture UK had not worked with my fertility clinic before, they were happy to do so and went out of their way to take all the necessary steps to enable us to do so.

Gabby was able to quickly find and match us with our ideal donor and provide us with all the information we needed to make a well informed decision to move forward with her.

Gabby worked tirelessly from start to finish liaising with the donor, the clinic and me and more importantly keeping us updated throughout the whole process which was invaluable and reassuring. Gabby truly went above and beyond for us and we cannot thank her enough for all her support. Gabby was absolutely amazing and I could not imagine having gone through this without her compassion and understanding.

Thank you Gabby.

Recipient - Anonymous

Nurture UK helped us fulfill our dream of having a child.

At the beginning of 2017 we were at our wits end, having contacted just about every major fertility clinic for black donor eggs and dreading the next costly and confusing step of having to look outside of the UK.  Then we came across the Nurture UK website. We made contact and instantly knew we had come to the right place after speaking to Kirsty, who took proper time to explain the process, answer all our questions and concerns which helped us to make informed decisions about our choices. Kirsty has an insightful, person centered and compassionate approach which made us feel as though we were in good hands. Nurture UK has given us an opportunity to embark on the next stage of our journey of creating a family and for that we are truly grateful, as over summer we collected 14 eggs, of which 9 embryos were created.

Recipient – Anonymous 

A stress free donor egg experience!

Our experience with Nurture UK has been unbelievably stress free which is key when going through the donor process.  We were informed about their existence by our current hospital where we were having ivf treatment at the time.  The hospital already had a long standing relationship with an organisation who goes out to actively recruit donors which potentially could be a lengthy process and with no guarantees.  However, the hospital was just in the process of bringing Nurture UK on board, fortunate timing for us as we wanted to remain with our current consultant for our donor ivf treatment but in order to do so, this meant choosing Nurture UK or the alternative organisation.  Due to age, time was a key factor for us and having a database of donors already willing to donate seemed the quicker and preferred route where we could look the donors up in the comfort of our home and select a choice of three including our preferred donor.  The database is very thorough in providing information about the anonymous donor, both in physical terns as well as the personality of the donor.  It also provides family medical history which is extremely vital background knowledge when determining the future of a child.  Nurture UK were amazing in helping us to make the final decision especially as they could easily match us once they had a photo of myself and the donor.  All they needed to do was to confirm the donor was still happy to go ahead once we had chosen her.  Once everything was in place, Nurture UK were brilliant at keeping both parties (i.e. the donor and us) fully informed at every step of the process.  It was wonderful to hear good things about our donor which really helped to confirm we had made the right decision with her.  It really took the stress and any pain out of the situation and it almost seemed too easy! We would so recommend them for the support and understanding they have shown throughout the process.   We would not be where we are today (almost six months pregnant) if it was not for Nurture UK and their donors willing to donate their precious eggs.

Recipient – Anonymous

A joy from the first phone call!

Working with Nurture UK has been a joy from the very first phone call with Kirsty to the regular emails and updates from my donor sent by Kirsty and the team. I have felt part of a family that has supported and cared about my choices and my journey at every turn. Being able to choose a donor and understand so much about them and to talk it through was invaluable for me. I felt I had had a real choice, in a process that can be so uncertain, and was helped and guided to make the best decisions for me. No question was too much and it was comforting to be able to pick up the phone to Kirsty and get the information or chat things through. It always felt to me that the Nurture UK team wanted this as much as I did and being able to message my donor with encouragement, good news and thanks has been really welcomed, touching and something I hadn’t expected. The commitment and care taken to find and look after these amazing women who want to help people like you and me, to create our own families, is incredible. I am truly grateful of where I am today – 15 eggs collected, 3 embryos created and 5 weeks pregnant all made possible with Nurture UK. Its been a truly enriching experience that brings real hope and one I would recommend in a heartbeat.

Recipient – Anonymous

I’m a Mum because of Nurture UK

Nurture UK found my egg donor and made my journey of becoming a mum a reality. They were so supportive and made the whole experience so much easier than I expected. They were with me every step of the way and I can’t thank them enough.

Recipient – Anonymous

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