Legal Info

In as far as the law is concerned, the woman who gives birth is always considered to be the child’s Lawlegal mother. This is the case, even if the treatment involved the use of donated eggs or embryos.  The law only recognises one person as the legal mother of a child – the woman who gave birth to the child, not the egg donor.  As the egg donor, you will have no legal obligation or rights to any child born from your donation. You also won’t be asked to support the child financially as you aren’t their legal parent.


If your donation results in a child being conceived from your egg(s) – then as long as you donated through an HFEA regulated clinic (which we ensure all our clinics are!) that child has the following legal rights:-


–          From the age of 16, they can ask if they were conceived with donated eggs and can also check whether they’re genetically related to someone they intend to enter into a physical relationship with. They can get non identifying information on you e.g. hair colour, height, eye colour and weight and if you wrote a goodwill message for the child, this is the age they get to read it.


–          From the age of 18, they can ask for identifying information on you i.e. your name, date of birth, last known address and where you were born.


In practise, the parents of this child can ask for your non- identifiable information before the child turns 16, but they cannot find out your identification.


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