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Five tips for a first-time donor

So, you’re getting ready for your first-ever egg donation – exciting times!  By now you’ll have met with one of our fab Nurture UK women, been matched and are getting ready to go. Here are a few extra tips from a former donor for making your first donation a stellar...

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In your quest to become a well-informed egg donor, you’ve no doubt encountered one or more misconceptions around the process that may have you a bit concerned. Fear not, we’re here to talk through some of the most common ones – so grab a cup of coffee, kick back and...

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Egg donation in a nutshell

Maybe you’ve seen a Facebook ad or a flyer. Perhaps you’ve overheard a conversation on the topic. But what exactly is egg donation? We break it down for you. Put a label on it Simply put, egg donation is when one woman donates some of her eggs to another woman with...

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