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Egg Donation in the UK

The founders of Nurture, South Africa’s most successful Egg Donor program bring their fantastic egg donor program to the UK, offering help and advice on how to donate eggs in the UK. Nurture Egg Donor Program was founded by two fantastic women who have first hand experience of infertility and egg donation. Guided by leading international fertility specialists, supported by top fertility clinics in the UK and assisted by the fabulous Kirsty and Gabby, the Nurture UK girls make a formidable team who combine the best of heart and soul to provide truly excellent service for egg donation in the UK.



There aren’t many opportunities in life whereby you can make a significant, meaningful contribution towards your fellow humans – egg donation is one of those opportunities. There are many hopeful parents in the UK who long for a child but are unable to conceive without the gift of egg donation. Unfortunately the reality is that there is a shortage of egg donors in the UK, which means that some couples have to wait for years before their dreams come true.


By becoming an egg donor, you give these parents to be something they haven’t had before – hope. Thank from them and thank you from us – you are truly very special.


Do you qualify to become an egg donor?

  • Are you between 18 and 35 years old?
  • Are you free of any serious medical problems and/or hereditary disabilities?
  • Do you have no history of congenital, family or hereditary disease?
  • Do you have a regular menstrual cycle?


This website has plenty of really useful information about how to donate eggs so please have a look around and if you have any other questions about egg donation in the UK, please let us know.

In order to find out more about how to donate eggs or to apply to become an egg donor, please complete the form on this page and we will get back to as soon as possible with more information.


Compensation for egg donors:

Although egg donation in the UK has to be done for altruistic reasons (you can’t sell your eggs!) egg donors in the UK are entitled to receive compensation of £750 for their time and effort. For more info visit the HFEA website


Summary of the egg donation process in the UK:

  • There will be an initial appointment with the Doctor at the clinic which will take approximately an hour. Here the Doctor will explain the donation process to you in detail and will also perform an internal scan. Your blood will also be tested for Aids, Hepatitis and any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In addition to this, you will also have a once off hour visit with a Counsellor. The appointment with the Counsellor is for you to discuss any concerns you might have about egg donation and for the Counsellor to ensure that you fully understand some of the social, ethical, emotional and legal implications of donating your eggs within your cultural/social context and UK laws.  Please note that the meeting with the Counsellor is not a counselling session but rather an implications discussion about egg donation.
  • Both appointments are to determine your eligibility as an egg donor for donation in the UK. This will also be another opportunity for you to ask the Doctor and / or Counsellor any questions you might have about donating eggs.
  • During the actual egg donation procedure, (which is planned for +-6 weeks after your medical appointments) you will have to go to the clinic three to four times for ultrasounds. You will also need to be available for a full day at the clinic for the actual egg retrieval and recovery afterwards.
  • While the Doctors will do their best to accommodate you and your availability, these visits cannot be scheduled for outside of normal working hours, or on Saturdays. You will need to have a fair amount of flexibility – you are looking at a minimum of 7 visits over a two month period.



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